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Since its creation in 2012, Captiv8 has become one of the UKs leading theatre companies for family-friendly theatre. Under our public brand - Wicked Productions  - we create accessible and innovative family productions, delivering tours and residencies to over 20 venue partners.


Much of our work reaches into areas of low cultural engagement, where investment into cultural activity is limited, and where deprivation indices are high. Our focus on quality entertainment, accessible pricing and modern marketing, allows us to work with venues in those areas to reach over 57,000 people per year.


We also care about creating new work, carved out of recognisable story titles, but in new, appealing ways. We invest in script development, song compositions, sets, costumes and digital technology every year. We engage over 100 artists and practitioners to deliver 4 productions, over 160 performances, and provide opportunities for participation from our partner venues’ communities.


If you would like to find out more, or chat about we can help you reach family audiences in your area, do get in touch.

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