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This Easter, it's time to "Let down your hair" and embark on a magical journey with our family musical, 'Rapunzel.' Presented by the brilliant minds behind our beloved Christmas pantomimes and co-produced by Jordan Productions, 'Rapunzel' combines classic fairy tale traditions with a delightful new twist, tailor-made for families of all ages.

'SILLY BILLY' (a.k.a. Ant Payne) is back, reprising his beloved role as the lovable Silly Billy. Joining him is the uproarious 'Tom Swift' as the endearing Joey the Jester.


Watch in amazement as the wicked Witch Horrorbella casts Rapunzel into a towering forest tower, locked away from the world. As Rapunzel yearns for freedom, she finds love with the dashing Finn Strider, while her trusted friends 'Silly Billy' and 'Joey the Jester' embark on a daring quest to reunite her with her devoted father, King Albert.

Be prepared for endless laughter this Easter, featuring your favorite routines, including the return of The Boombox and a mischievous troupe of ghosts determined to hinder the rescue mission. In a side-splitting ultraviolet sequence, Joey the Jester might just discover that his limbs have a life of their own!


Don't let this spectacular Easter production escape your grasp. It's a magical spectacle filled with toe-tapping songs, captivating dance routines, mesmerizing sets, dazzling costumes, and an abundance of laughter and enchantment to awaken the child in all of us.

So, mark your calendars and make sure you're front and center for this HAIR-larious production of 'Rapunzel' at The Woodville this Easter! It's a spellbinding adventure that promises thrills and laughter for the entire family to enjoy.

Gordon Craig Theatre
29th March - 01st April


Devonshire Park Theatre
03rd - 07th April


The Woodville Theatre
08th - 10th April


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