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In 2019 we designed and built 

scenery for Beauty and the Beast.

Here is an example of some of our scenic work from initial illustrations to final completion of set on stage. It was a great project filled with lots of fun and colour. 

Here at Captiv8 we have been designing and building scenery for the theatre and event industry for over 10 years. From large scale productions to halloween horror attractions and recently we have been designing and building escape rooms for a local kent company clue cracker. 

Last year we purchased a CNC machine allowing us to cut any design on to sheet material. No more need for hand and jig saws. We can design your ideas into cad and cut within a day.

Our team of designers and illustrators can make your dream a reality with our staff on the floor delivering the final product from first cut to final paint job. Please get in touch with any of your requirements and we will be happy to help. 


The Diamond Dogs is an immersive escape room experience.

Recently our scenic department has been involved in design and build on various Escape rooms. These exciting attractions offer family and friends an hour of adrenalin pupping action. We were delighted to help bring this concept to reality from initial drawings to full scenic build. 




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